Basic Obedience (sit, down, stay, come, heel)

Manners (no jumping up on people, no begging, etc.)

Still Behavior & Settle (stay/stand stay/sit, stay/down)

Task Training (pick up objects, retrieve to hand, scent, brace, etc.)

Housetrained (no marking in public!)

Leash trained (no pulling, unless for a specific task)

Under (chair or table)

Leave it (no picking up food off the ground)

Navigation skills (aware of handler) obstacles, overhead, hazards, moving vehicles

Nose press or paw alert for discerning allergens and seizure alert

Brace and mobility (dizziness, balance)

Block (dog stands or lies down in front of you)

Cover (dog stands lies down behind you)

Block and Cover provides a barrier for the handler

Retrieve (picking up objects, bringing you objects)

Tug (opening cabinets, doors)

Nuzzling (interrupting undesirable behavior)

Chest press (Laying across a person’s chest) for comfort or seizures

Scent detection (alerting to undesirable scents)