How To Teach a Dog To Sit

Reprinted by with permission of Dr. Ian Dunbar and James & Kenneth Publishers


Hold a food treat in front of your dog’s nose, say “Sit,” and move the lure upwards and backwards just above the dog’s muzzle. As your dog looks up to follow the treat, she will sit down. If your dog jumps up, you are holding the treat too high. If your dog backs up, work with the dog in a corner. When she sits, say “Good girl!” (or “Good boy!” if you have a boy-pup), and offer the kibble as a reward. From now on, ask your dog to sit in front of you after every recall.

In this video I’m luring a 3 week old puppy to sit.  See how the treat is slightly above his head?  And he automatically sits, well with a little help from another puppy pulling his tail.