Golden Retriever 

AKC Breeder of Merit & Breeder of Heart

Golden Retriever Litters 


 After training many breeds for service dog work, I’m breeding my own.  I chose Golden Retrievers because they’ve been the most successful with service dog work.   

 I spent almost a year searching rescues, shelters and other avenues to find a service dog prospect for a client.  Yes, I finally found one that was perfect, but it was a long journey. 

 Temperament was the main problem.  Temperament is key and it’s not easy to find.  


 Next litter due summer of 2023.     




Gentor’s Winged Victory



Puppies will be raised using ENS – Early Neurological Stimulation, Puppy Culture Protocol and Rule of 7 and  ESI – Early Scent Introduction.   I’ll also use the Guide Dog manual for raising puppies.

These litters will be exceptionally well socialized and will be an excellent choice for any job that requires scent detection.