Nuzzling and Paw Touch

This is taught the same way you taught touch but in this case you’re going to wait a little longer before you give the reward.  Timing is key on this task because you want the dog to be more instant with his nudge or paw, but you don’t want him to give up.  Add duration slowly to this task.  

Now teach you dog to touch a piece of tape (blue painters tape works well for this task).  Put the tape on a surface and ask for a touch.  Move the tape and repeat the touch command.  Put the tape on your knee or where you would like your dog to nudge you and ask for the touch.   Reduce the size of the tape and continue.  Add distance.  Put your dog in a stay and sit down, then say touch and reward when he comes to you and nuzzles the tape.  

For a paw touch, put the treat in your hand and wait until he paws it for you to release the treat, which you will as soon as the paw touches your hand.  Add duration.  If your dog is not picking up his paw, gentle nudge the paw as if asking for the dog to shake.  When the paw comes up, treat.