Nose Press

Teaching a dog to press with his nose has many uses.  It can be used as a signal that you are about to have a seizure or an alert to something you are allergic to.    It can also be used to ring a bell to go outside or to turn on a light.

To teach a nose press, start with holding your palm out facing the dog.  Wait for him to touch your palm with his nose, say “yes” and bring the treat from your other hand, touch your palm as you give him the treat from your other hand.  Don’t give the treat from the same hand he’s touching.  You dog will be curious about the palm you are holding out so it unless he is very fearful or has been slapped with someone’s hand in the past, he can’t help himself and will touch it.

Repeat this until he is touching your hand repeatedly.  Then add the word touch.  Now step away, hold out your hand and say touch.  He should come and touch your hand but if he doesn’t, step in closer and repeat the previous exercise.

Once he touches your hand consistently you can now add an object.   I start with a cat food lid in my hand and have him touch that.  Then I put the lid on the floor and say touch.  I move it around and then I can start to use other objects.  Make it a game.  Its fun.

Notice that Titan is touching my left hand and I’m rewarding with my right hand.  You don’t want the reward and the treat in the same hand or he will be touching where the treat is located.