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I thought this section would be fun to include but I do not train my dogs for the media nor do I have any connections in this regard.  I’ve had referrals from friends and from professional Studio animal Wranglers when they are looking for a particular dog.  Most studio trainers have their own stable and will use those dogs because they know what they can do.  But when I do get calls, I like to make sure my dogs are ready.  The TV show “Too Cute” only required a litter of puppies and they didn’t need to be trained.


Training for TV and Movies

For film and print you have to have a good stay and a lot of expression from the dog.  Again here I was lucky because I’ve known some amazing photographers.  I was lucky enough to have an office at Sony Pictures next to Seth Casteel when he was starting his career in photography and he took a lot of amazing photos of my dogs that made the cover of magazines and calendars.  He went on to have the NY TImes best selling book “Under Water Dogs”!/home.

Photos, Calendars, Print

If you are a good photographer, you can take photos and submit them to calendars.  There are some agencies that will let you submit photos of your dogs to be used in advertising and sometimes even movies and TV.  But beware, if they are asking you to pay to have your dog registered, they are probably not legitimate.  Agencies take a percentage of what they get paid for the job and there are no upfront fees.