Use a harness or cape to identify your dog to others as a service dog.

If your dog is not fully trained yet, use an “in training” patch.  It will limit your access, but people will be more understanding if your dog misbehaves.


All of the equipment listed below can be found on Amazon.  None of the equipment is expensive.  If you plan to fly, some of the airlines require you to have your dog identified as a service dog.

General Equipment for Training

  • Leash and flat collar

  • Crate 

  • Xpen

  • Drag line/tie down (for training purposes only)

Service Dog Equipment:


  • Harness – Velcro or sew on patches can be attached

  • Cape – Velcro or sew on patches can be attached

  • Identity cards – Cards that identify your dog as a Service Dog

  • ADA card – Card that have the American Disabilities Act printed on them

  • Rabies certificate – Photo of it on your cell phone incase needed

  • Leash – Leather or neoprene.

  • Collar – Flat collar

  • Tags – Tags should include your name and address.  Can also use Service Dog tags.

  • Patches – Sew on patches identifying your dogs as a Service Dog.