How To Teach A Dog To Come

Reprinted by with permission of Dr. Ian Dunbar and James & Kenneth Publishers

 For puppies, simply say “Puppy, Come,” do something silly, and your puppy will come running.

Praise your pup as she comes running towards you, and grab her collar and offer a food reward
when she arrives. For adult dogs, say “Doggy, Come” and then squat down a waggle a food lure
in front of you. Two or more family members may practice yo-yo (back and forth) or roundrobin
recalls. Say “Puppy, go to Jamie” as a cue for Jamie to call the pup. Once Jamie has hold
of the puppy’s collar, it is his turn to choose who to send the puppy to. This is a great way to
teach your puppy “Go to…” commands, as well as the names of family members.