Board and Train

Will board and train work?  Guide Dogs for the Blind and other Service Dog agencies train the dogs at their facilities, so yes it does work.


Boarding – Inside unless requested otherwise.  This is to accustom your dog or puppy to their most likely living conditions and routine.  Your dog or puppy will come out for training multiple times during the day.  Times outsides will be for potty breaks, play and training.   Your puppy will be fed 2 times per day unless otherwise specified and depending on age.  Your puppy will be groomed and nails clipped if needed. 


Training – This includes 4 to 6 sessions per day depending on the attention span and endurance of your dog/puppy.  A tired puppy and/or dog does not learn so the sessions are kept short.  The initial training will be at my house and then expand to other possible locations depending on the age and vaccine history of the puppy.  This way your dog/puppy will be proofed (learn) in a number of new locations.  I may ask others to test the dog/puppy, but they will only be giving commands, not training.  At this stage the dog/puppy needs to learn to work for more than one person. 


About positive training:  Only positive training methods are used.  At no time is any form of intimidation, physical punishment or fear used for training.  I do teach a “no” but that is to tell the dog when he’s on the wrong track and to try something else.  No shock collar or any other form of aversion tools will ever be used.  It’s proven that both people and dogs learn better in a non-stress environment.  Learning should be fun.   I start training with treats but they are phased out as the puppy learns the task, and are then used randomly. 


Some training will be videotaped.  You’ll receive updates as to your dog/puppy’s progress. 

Tasks for your service dog will depend on what your dog will be used for.  Since there is a vast array please determine what your will need from the list provided on this website.


Basic training includes:


·       Recognize his/her name

·       Crate training

·       Go in Crate

·       Settle

·       Ride in car quietly in crate

·       House training (a targeted location)

·       Impulse control (chill out)

·       Sit

·       Extended sit and stay

·       Down

·       Extended down and stay

·       Place – Dog learns to go to dog bed and stay

·       Walking on a loose leash; no pulling; walk at your side

·       Off – no jumping on people, or furniture if requested

·       Recall – come when called

·       Leave it

·       Wait

·       Ring bell to go outside


There will be a lesson at your home when the puppy is delivered.  The lesson does not require you to become a dog trainer but will teach you what your dog/puppy has learned and his commands.  Dogs are sometimes good at generalizing but this will be a new environment from his training environment and I want to make sure that he/she understands that the new rules apply in your home now.  

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