You’ve researched the breed of dog you’d like and now you need to find a Breeder.   You’ve decided to purchase a puppy so you can raise it to be the perfect dog.   I’d like to say a puppy is a clean slate but genetics come into play.  Pay attention to what your dog was bred for.  I get calls from people that buy a Guardian breed dog and then get upset when people are afraid to come to their house because the dog is protective.

There are advantages to getting a dog or puppy from a reputable Breeder.   The word “reputable” is key here.   If the Breeder has dogs working as service dogs, you can assume they breed for temperament.  A reputable Breeder will also do all the health tests on the parents that are currently available.  You can check these online with varies health databases like OFA (Orthodontic  Foundation for Animals).  Their website is

You will pay more getting a dog or puppy from a Breeder but good Breeders will mostly guarantee their dogs.   I say mostly, because there are some circumstances where the Breeder may not give you a refund (if the dog is abused, or there is an accident, or something not covered under the contract).  But a good Breeder will always take the dog back.  And most good Breeders will work with you to help solve any problems you may have.