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Do-it-yourself Service Dog Training and more

 A few fun activities for you and your dog


Following Humane Hierarchy with positive methods of training

Regarding positive reinforcement, I trained Guinea Pigs to find and alert on gunpowder and run an agility course.  

I didn’t need to yank them or yell at them and yet they learned.

Testing for Service Dogs

Yes, there are tests that your dog should be able to pass to assure that he/she is a good candidate for a service dog.

The Public Assess Test is probably the most widely used test.

AKC also has a test as part of their Canine Good Citizen program.   First your dog has to pass it’s Canine Good Citizen test, then he/she has to pass the Urban CGC test.

Both tests are included in the links below:

Tricks to help train

Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to get your dog to think and learn. 

Service dog work can be stressful and tricks are a great way for your dog to take a break.


A list of equipment you might possibly need will be listed in this section. 

This equipment will help in your training process and will also include various types that are service dog related.

I am helping to find gluten for people that have celiac disease.   Rumor

I am helping to find peanuts for people that suffer from peanut allergies.  Wilbur

Training starts at a young age.


“Go to your place” was taught here.  Place is useful in that you can direct your Service Dog to go where you need them to be.